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Helpful Hints For Unpacking Your Fish Order:

Float bags until temperature is equal in the bag and the tank. Do Not Trickle Water Into The Bag! This will change the pH and cause the nitrate and or ammonia levels to rise and become toxic to the fish, possibly poisoning them right in the bag!

Open the bag and pour fish through a net and then place them in the clean tank. Do not put the packing water into the clean tank, discard the packing water.

Shipped fish are stressed and weak, do not put in an established tank with larger and or more aggressive tank mates.

Lake Tanganyika
Tank raised F1 and Wild Caught. Many Rare and Exotic Species Available.

Lake Malawi
Colorful, Large Selection of F1, Wild Caught, and Select Domestics.

Lake Victoria
Small selection of the most Popular and Colorful Species.

Catfish & Fancy Plecos
Rift Lake Synodontis, Tank Raised Busy Nose Plecos and Fancy Plecos.